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Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the redwood forest, New Brighton Cohousing is a small, tightly-knit, intergenerational community. We hold a commitment to knowing each other and living together cooperatively.

Forest Road

About Us

New Brighton Cohousing is a thriving Cohousing Community that was founded on the fundamental values of environmental and social sustainability, connection, and justice.


We believe that people are ultimately better off when they’re part of a socially connected community. 


We embarked on this vision, moving into our current site in the fall of 2007. 


We’ve had newborns to elders and everyone in between. We have 16-20 adults at a time, a cozy number and we get to know each other well.


Our kids and grandkids love playing and growing up together.

A life in New Brighton Cohousing Community

We share food from our community garden, community meals twice a week, tools, time, friendship, resources, and skills.


Connection & Sharing


Contribution & Collaboration

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Privacy & Autonomy

Contact Us

6020 Soquel Drive; Aptos, CA

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